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Rick’s Top Tips and Tricks

"You’ll be surprised at how quickly our pop-up Pod becomes your go-to buddy at any outdoor event. We guarantee you won’t want to leave home without it. The trick is getting to know your Pod and breaking it in!”

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Get started with these “good-to-know” tips:

Nothin’ but Air!

Pop up your pod right away, unzip all of the windows and let it air out before using it for the first time.


Air Out Image

Zip it! Zip it Good!

Zip and unzip the zippers a few times to loosen them up. Check out our UTW Zipper Video for tips on zipping it good (and smooth)!


Practice makes perfect.

Don’t get caught in the rain! The more you practice folding, the easier it gets. Check out this step-by-step video. For a condensed version of Rick’s “top tips,” check out Folding Pod Tips.


We’re wired differently!

Our Memory “wire,” that is. This feature makes our pods both flexible and durable. So, if a wire gets twisted don’t sweat it, it’s easily remedied. Check out this video.


Got a MegaPod™ or a MonsterMeshPod™

It may take two to tango, or fold, that it is! Check out this video for folding tips.


Be Good to Your Pod

When you move your Pod always lift it off the ground. Dragging your Pod across concrete causes friction which can tear the floor. Click here for more information about taking care of your Pod.


Still have questions?

Email us at support@undertheweatherpods.com