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Set Up and Maintenance of Your WeatherPod™


When I popped up my WeatherPod™ for the first time my wires seem twisted. Is there a way to fix this?
It is normal for the WeatherPod™ to be a little stiff and the wires slightly bent from being packaged, stored and shipped. We recommend you open your Pod upon receipt, lay it flat, and make sure the wires lay flat. It is all right to step on them firmly to flatten them and, once popped up, do another quick check to ensure the wires are straight, straightening them by hand if necessary.

What do I do if the zipper seems stiff and won’t zip easily the first time I use the WeatherPod™?
It is normal for a new WeatherPod™ to be stiff and a little more difficult to zip and unzip. Pods “stretch out” slightly with use. If the zipper separates slightly when it is new, hold the Pod firmly and push the zipper up and down a few times. The zipper typically re-connects and with ongoing use, is completely functional.

My plastic is very wrinkly?
Try setting up your WeatherPod™ up in the sun for a few hours. The heat from the sun can greatly reduce the wrinkles and also makes zipping easier.

Can I use my WeatherPod™ on a cement surface?
We discourage the use of a WeatherPod™ on concrete or asphalt as friction can cause a tear in the floor. Pods with tears in the floor resulting from use on concrete or asphalt are not covered by our warranty.

I can’t fold my WeatherPod™! Can you help?
Check out the folding videos and read the folding guide.

How do I clean my WeatherPod™?
A soft brush and warm soapy water can be used to clean your WeatherPod.

Can I put a heater in my WeatherPod™?
NO! This is a potential safety hazard. (You won’t need one, trust us!)

Can I store my WeatherPod™ in its case if it is wet?
Under the Weather® Pods can be folded and placed in case for a few hours after being exposed to wet conditions. If storing your WeatherPod™ in its case for more than 24 hours, open the Pod and let it air out and dry thoroughly before returning it to its carry case for longer-term storage.